Background of Hans Walter Fuchs

Hans Walter Fuchs, MBA, is a Strategy Expert and Lecturer at the Hochschule für Oekonomie und Management, Frankfurt/Main (FOM). He holds a Master´s Degree in Applied Linguistics from the University of Heidelberg and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the Henley Business School, UK.

He gained his practical management and leadership experience in international Marketing and Sales positions with medium-sized companies and global concerns. This has enabled him to understand what really works in organizations and how to meet the challenges of operational management.

As Head of Marketing Services at Beneo, a division of Südzucker AG, Mannheim, Hans Walter was responsible for the international marketing of sweeteners to the confectionery industry. As a Product Manager for specialty chemicals at Bärlocher GmbH, Munich, Hans Walter managed a profit centre for specialty chemicals. As a Key Account Manager at Lahnau Akustik GmbH, Lahnau, Hans Walter was in charge of European key accounts and coordinated a strategic alliance with the US partner.

In 2002 Hans Walter founded his company, Hans Walter Fuchs International Consulting, which helps B2B organizations to develop and implement international success strategies at the Business Level as well as in Marketing and Sales. The goal is profitable growth and superior business performance in the competitive arena.

Hans Walter is trilingual and offers his services in the same consistent high quality in English, German and French. His practical experience as an international manager enables him to quickly understand his clients´ situation and to develop pragmatic solutions. He has a passion for unconventional "out-of-the box thinking" and challenges his clients to develop and implement innovative approaches to lead their organizations into the future.

Way of Working

When launching a project, Hans Walter jointly defines the value for the organization and the metrics to measure success with his clients. Then he chooses the most effective and quickest way to achieve the agreed objectives - irrespective of particular methodologies or management fads.

Drawing upon many years of experience in different industries, Hans Walter Fuchs challenges his clients to systematically "Think out-of-the box " in order to discover innovative solutions to their challenges.

Hans Walter closely works with your team to maximize the benefits from its ideas and experience. This leads to strong buy-in – a decisive factor for the successful implementation of your strategies.

Hans Walter Fuchs

  • Long-term management experience in International B2B Marketing and Sales
  • Lecturer at the Hochschule für Ökonomie und Management (FOM), Frankfurt/Main
  • Trilingual: German, English, French
  • MBA Henley Business School, UK
  • Language Studies at Heidelberg University

Client testimonials

Hans Walter Fuchs helps you to dramatically increase your business success. At the beginning of a project, you define the objectives and parameters for measuring success jointly with Hans Walter. Then he chooses the most effective and quickest way to achieve the agreed results.

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