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A superior Strategy is the basis and starting point for long-term success. Cost cutting and process optimization are necessary, but not sufficient to defend your market position in the long-term. Strategy is dynamic - the winners in the competitive race adapt to changing conditions like chameleons and continuously reinvent themselves to stay relevant. A look in the business press shows that companies which fail to do so will sooner or later disappear from the market!

Strategic success principles are universal and transcend particular industries. Therefore, organizations should not only closely monitor their direct competitors, but take a much wider look to discover new chances and business ideas.

As a strategy expert, Hans Walter Fuchs builds on this insight: In his projects, he draws upon many years of experience in different industries and helps his clients to develop and implement international success strategies at the Business Level as well as in Marketing and Sales. The goal is profitable growth and superior business performance in the competitive arena.

Smart Strategy in B2B

Learn how to systematically create digital added value for your customers and boost your turnover and profit as a result. Contact us for additional information!

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Strategy services and resources

Hans Walter Fuchs helps you to develop and successfully implement international growth strategies To this end, he has developed a comprehensive portfolio of services.

Strategy consulting

Hans Walter Fuchs helps you to meet strategic challenges at the Business Level as well as in Marketing and Sales. He assists you, e.g., in developing and implementing growth objectives and strategies, crafting and monetizing value-added digital offers as well as increasing sales performance in the new product and after-sales business.


Best practice from leading companies, pragmatic recommendations, immediate application - entertainment, inspiration and provocation. This is what you can expect when you book Hans Walter Fuchs as a speaker.


Immediately applicable knowledge about Strategy, Marketing and Sales – delivered in a compact way in only a few days. In his Workshops/Seminars, Hans Walter Fuchs shows you how to effectively formulate and implement success strategies at different levels of your organization. The objective is to strengthen your market position and competitive power.


Hans Walter's whitepapers provide in-depth analysis and insights into the issues that drive profitable growth and superior business performance. They cover a broad range of topics, industries and challenges.


In Hans Walter´s E-Books you learn how to systematically approach specific strategic challenges and meet them in a pragmatic way. Contact us for further information!


Do you regularly check your company's future fitness? How sustainable is your competitive advantage? Answer these and other questions with the help of Hans Walter´s strategy audit and identify areas for improvement.


Hans Walter works with successful companies with ambitious goals and a clear focus on growth. Amongst others, he has carried out projects for the following organizations:

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Hans Walter Fuchs helps you to dramatically increase your business success. At the beginning of a project, you define the objectives and parameters for measuring success jointly with Hans Walter. Then he chooses the most effective and quickest way to achieve the agreed results.

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