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Smart Strategy in B2B

Delighting Customers with value-added digital offerings – boosting business success

  • How to develop digital value-added offerings and quantify their financial impact on the customer´s business
  • How to monetize digital value-added offerings.
  • How to sell value-added digital offerings to individual customers and realize your prices based on the value delivered.
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Strategy First!

Why Strategy is more important than Cost Cutting

  • Why cost cutting is not a strategy and insufficient to defend your market position in the long-term.
  • How to systematically develop and adapt success strategies to changing conditions.
  • How to overcome the barriers to strategy implementation and achieve sustainable success.
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Change or Die!

How to reinvent your business to stay relevant

  • What companies can learn from nature to remain competitive.
  • How to systematically scan your environment and detect the need for change before it is too late.
  • How to successfully manage change.
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Get out of Price Competition!

How to optimize your market strategy and dramatically boost your profit margins

  • Why competing on price rarely leads to success
  • How to segment your customers and achieve higher prices with differentiated solutions.
  • How to systematically align your sales force with different customer types and maximize the customer value.
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