Developing and implementing breakthrough Strategies for profitable Growth and competitive Advantage


In turbulent markets, a superior business strategy is the key to long-term success. Cost cutting and process optimization are necessary, but they are not sufficient for a company to remain competitive in the long term.

A strategy is a plan to achieve ambitious growth goals by providing better customer value than the competition. Successful strategies are characterized by a clear focus on attractive markets and specific offerings with unique value propositions.

Current strategic challenges include low-price competitors threatening established industry players, Western companies entering high-growth emerging markets and the fast technological progress.

The examples of companies like Neckermann, Nokia und Kodak show that even highly-successful organizations can fail if they don´t adapt to changing circumstances quickly enough. Companies which don´t change will die!

To develop a winning strategy, Hans Walter Fuchs leads his clients through a structured process which includes a detailed analysis of markets, competitors and of the company itself. Using scenario analysis, possible future consequences of key trends are evaluated. On that basis, goals are defined and the best strategy to reach them will be chosen.

To make sure that the strategy is successfuly executed, Top Management has to align the entire organization with the strategic goals and involve people at an early stage. Marketing, Sales and Service have to cooperate closely to implement the strategy at the customer interface.


Smart Strategy in B2B

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